Lincoln Park Scavenger Zoo Safari

Team Size:

10 - 500

Space Requirements:



1.5hrs - 4

Physical Challenge:


Lincoln Park Scavenger Zoo Safari


On the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, the Lincoln Park Team Scavenger Challenge and Zoo Adventure Safari is a dynamic, competitive, strategic and intensely collaborative event.  Combining our traditional Scavenger Hunt with our Zoo Adventure Safari this event will keep teams on the move as they navigate through Lincoln Park and the Zoo and solve a variety of challenges. Highly collaborative, intensely competitive, and the complexity of managing multiple challenges simultaneously is the key to maximizing performance revenues during the designated time period. The key to success is to recognize the strengths that all team members bring to the team; allocate expertise effectively; develop a big picture strategy; and manage a ‘multi-tasking’ challenge in a limited period of time.

Program Agenda


The program will begin at a central location in the selected ‘Field of Play Area’ with teams gathered for the ‘Team Foundation’ and ‘Team Briefing’. Teams will learn the rules of engagement for the overall event.


Teams engage in intensely collaborative ‘active’ problem-solving challenges that require strategic thinking and effective communications.


Teams reconvene for a short team debrief and team results! From mid-level teams to executive teams, this Event requires strong collaboration to achieve results. It’s not the fastest team that wins – it is the smartest team!

Post Program

We provide you a compilation of team photos in a high energy photo slideshow post program.

Requirements & Logistics

Our commitment is to provide an experience for your team that tests the ability of team members to collaborate under the pressure of a fast paced competitive event. We are dedicated to integrating the specific team and leadership challenges and opportunities that your team currently faces into the overall event.  Teams will walk away with thought provoking learning and actionable steps that will increase individual and team performance.


Teams of all types will benefit from this program format, which emulates the dynamic pace of the daily work environment providing team members the opportunity to strategize quickly, analyze alternatives, move into action, while leaving time to improve upon performance.  Active engagement by all team members is necessary for high performing teams.