Atlanta Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge

Team Size:

10 - 1000

Space Requirements:



2hrs - 4

Physical Challenge:




Ready, Set, Race!

Atlanta is home to more than 70 streets that include the name “Peachtree,” including the most well-known, Peachtree Street.  This main thoroughfare travels through Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown, connecting numerous attractions, restaurants, shopping areas and neighborhoods.  The many diverse neighborhoods, from Buckhead to Cabbagetown, provide perfect locations for the Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge.  The energy is high as teams gather at the start line to learn the race rules before moving into action!

Intensely collaborative, fast-paced, strategic and highly competitive, teams race to as many Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge locations as possible.  There are too many to get to in the official race period.  This is done intentionally.  Teams must choose wisely.  It is not the fastest moving teams that earn the most points; it’s the smartest teams!

Amazing Race locations are spread out across the field of play area.  To start, teams must decipher the code that reveals the clue that will identify the race location.  Once teams arrive to a Race Challenge location, they engage in a series of multiple active challenges that require team collaboration, innovation, and effective execution.

Amazing Race Challenges can be completed in any random order. It is up to your team to determine the most efficient use of resources and to plot a course that will maximize the number of Amazing Race Challenges completed successfully in the alloted time. The Amazing Adventure Race requires teams to think strategically before jumping into action! Teams that balance strategy and action while adapting to unexpected changes are the teams that excel as they race to the finish!


Ready, Set, Race!

After teams engage in a high-energy kick-off, the rules of the Amazing Adventure Race Team Challenge are revealed. Teams develop their own strategy from the start.  It is up to the team to prioritize; plot a course of travel; tap into each team members strengths and skills; and multi-task to navigate to as many point earning opportunities as possible.

Amazing Adventure Race In Action

Teams hit the ground geared up with team backpacks, race supplies, cameras, and team bandannas.  There are too many race challenges to complete within the designated race time – so teams must choose wisely!

Action Debrief

Teams race to the finish!  An interactive debrief ties together key takeaways about teamwork and collaboration under the pressure of time.


Teams anxiously wait for the judges to tally the points.  The nail biting finish has teams on the edge of their seats while the results are announced.  The winners are?!

Post Program

The best of the best team photos are delivered in a highly engaging music/photo slideshow. Creativity is rewarded so be prepared to laugh out loud!


The Amazing Adventure race kicks off within the selected field of play area – a meeting venue, corporate offices, restaurant, or a central location.

Teams hit the ground geared up with supplies.  The race course is customized to the timeframe you have allocated to ensure maximum engagement and performance.

The finish location can be an entirely different location from the start.  Corporate Teams customizes an experience that meets your team needs start to finish.

Corporate Teams manages the entire experience.

Your job is to get the team excited and ready to race!


  • Recognize the importance of evaluating the BIG picture before jumping into action!
  • Increase trust across the team through on-going collaborative decision making and team consensus
  • Engages the team to think outside of the box and question assumptions that might limit performance
  • Provides teams the opportunity to manage shifts in strategy that require quick thinking and efficient adaptation
  • Inspires teams with highly engaging hands-on challenges that puts team creativity into action!