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Events are customizable for teams from small business leadership groups to large groups of 500+. Browse by location or event type.

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Team building programs, activities and events can be conducted in most any location. Parks, corporate campuses, conference centers, or hotel properties are perfect for any Corporate Teams event.

Scavenger Hunt Team Building:

Intensely collaborative, extremely competitive, and highly energetic, Corporate Teams delivers team scavenger hunts across the U.S.  From downtown city centers to the charm of smaller suburban areas, to the forests of mountain regions or the coasts of the pacific, atlantic, and gulf states – these engaging scavenger hunts keep teams on their toes!

No technology allowed!  It is the power of the whole brain – the entire team that will separate the winning teams from those that struggle.  Big picture thinking requires teams to scan the periphery and keep their eyes open for the many opportunities in the field of play area.  What a great break from the hyper focus of technology!  Participants are able to see, hear, and experience the sites of the area without the distraction of technology and the focus that it can sometimes take from the bigger picture.

How Does the team Scavenger Hunt Work?

Corporate Teams scavenger hunts vary in length, method of travel, and delivery but they all have the following in common:

Each team receives a series of Missions.  There are too many Missions to physically complete in the allocated period of time.  This is intentional! Each Mission is valued at a different revenue amount, requires a diversity of skills and knowledge to complete, and are of varying distances from Mission Headquarters.  Each of these elements helps to create a foundation of strategy.  Which Missions will be attempted?  You can guarantee that teams will head off in different directions confident that their team strategy is the winning strategy.

Teams will be supplied with backpacks; supplies; maps and materials to accomplish a variety of challenges.  The entire time period will require teams to travel to various points of interest to locate; solve; and document challenges.  It is up to the team on how they want to manage their time and what challenges they decide to pursue.

Timeline: From 2 hours to Full Day Team Scavenger Hunt

Number of Participants: Teams of 5 to 500

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Mission Impossible Treasure Hunt:  Good Afternoon Team! Your Mission should you decide to accept it is to Crack the Codes of up to nine sub-missions, determine the location of the coded mission challenge, travel to the mission field of play area and solve each of the mission challenges at the mission location. The overall objective is to maximize revenues.  As always, should any of you or your team mates be caught or discovered, mission headquarters will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge:  Ready, Set, Race!  Teams hit the ground on foot or maybe bike race through the surrounding area.  Whether it’s a City or Suburban Center, Park, Beach Area, or Wilderness Area, the Amazing Adventure Race keeps teams on their toes.  Intensely collaborative, fast-paced, highly strategic and competitive, teams race to as many Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge locations as possible.

Zoo Scavenger Safari:  The Zoo Safari Scavenger hunt is a dynamic, competitive, strategic and intensely collaborative event.  This event will keep teams on the move as they navigate and solve a variety of challenges.  These are ‘short collaborative events’ that will require the team to think quickly!  The objective is to locate and successfully complete each of these activities.   The team will be given a number of ‘Clues’ that will lead them to various points of interest.  Team members must solve the clue, determine where the clue answer is located, travel to the clue locations, and take a team photo at the site.